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Montezemolo Made in Italy ambassador?

The Italians certainly love their controversial public figures.
Now, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo is one of the most well known top managers in Italy.
He has been the president of Ferrari since 1991 and has also headed up the Confidustria, the Italian industrial association, from 2004 to 2008.

A man extremely attentive to style and elegance, he has been distinguished more than once for having taken a positive image of Italy overseas.

And for this he has been nominated as the future ambassador of “Made in Italy”, a kind of unofficial minister.
But there is an open political polemic on Montezemolo, given his sympathies for the outgoing government defeated in recent elections.
While he declares himself as ‘testimony to Italian excellence‘, others are showing fear that his new role could advantage Fiat rather than the nation.
We were saying he is a man of great class, capable of winning (and again) the world F1 championships with Ferrari, but at the same time coming out with particularly unusual comments.
From the Italian Wikipedia: in a speech in front of students from the Luiss university he confessed to being a champion of copying: “I don’t believe I have any rivals for technique and sophistication.

I always found a way of putting myself next to someone good and generous enough to let me copy.
”Well loved by Ferrari fans who venerate him as a star, Montezemolo is also a controversial character and will probably speak about himself whatever the outcome of this new project.
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