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Piers Morgan asks PM to welcome Rashford’s request

Piers Morgan has vigorously suggested that the UK Prime Minister should "help starving children".

Piers Morgan, the 55-year-old Good Morning Britain presenter, has vigorously suggested that the UK Prime Minister should “do the right thing” and “help starving children”. He also asked Boris Johnson to be involved in the Marcus Rashford row.

Morgan’s claim to Boris Johnson

Not a long ago, Marcus Rashford, a Manchester United star wrote an emotional letter to MPS asking them to “protect the vulnerable” by providing meal vouchers to underprivileged children over the summer. Then He told about his own experience, saying that his family depended on breakfast clubs and free school meals during his childhood.

However this offer was rejected by the Government.

The presenter claimed: “Why would you reject this, Boris Johnson, out of interest? You said you’d do what it took, economically, for this country. Doesn’t it extend to kids? Who can’t eat? Who is starving? Doesn’t it extend to them? Who does it extend to then? Your rich buddies in the city? Read Marcus Rashford’s letter again, prime minister and do the right thing. Do what he says.”

The free school meal vouchers can assist poor families who stuck at home during this pandemic. They were implemented over the Easter holidays after public pressure, but for the moment the government has manifested his intention to not maintain them during the summer. Rather, Downing street has pledged a £63million fund for councils to help families who arein difficulty to buy “food and other basic essentials.” The government also explained that it “expects” schools to use it to make food package available for collection or distribution.

rashford and mother

Funds needed to help children starving

There are some critics who consider that it is too low. Labour says extending vouchers can cost £115m, but not sufficient compared to other Covid-19 projects. Johnson commended Rashford for using his profile “to highlight some very important issues”. However the voucher wouldn’t be prolonged for the summer, the PM continued.

Rashford tweeted: “We aren’t beaten yet, stand strong for the 200,000 children who haven’t had a meal to eat today.” He has collected about £20million to supply three million meals to vulnerable people with charity FareShare UK during the lockdown. More than 250,000 supported his account on social media.

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