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“Madeleine McCann is dead”, German prosecutor tells parents

German police tells to Madeleine McCann's parents that she is dead, but cannot say why. The little girl is missing from 2007.

madelein mccann
madeleine is dead says the prosecutor

Based on reports, German police have communicated to Madeleine McCann‘s parents that their daughter is dead, but cannot give more details.

Madeleine McCann is dead

Hans Christian Wolters, who is conducting investigation, sended a message to the McCann couple and confirmed their daughter was killed. The reason is that German investigators are convinced that Christian Brueckner killed Madeleine soon after kidnapping her from a holiday falt in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz in May, 2007.

Wolters reported on Daily Mirror: “We have re-established contact with the McCann family in writing. We, of course, really consider the fact that it is going to be very hard for the family when we tell them we assume Madeline is dead. But we can’t say why she is dead.”

He also added: “It is more important that we are successful and we are able to get the culprit, as opposed to just putting our cards on the table and telling them why we think she might be.”

The evidence against Brueckner

On Monday, Wolters said on Monday that prosecutors had some evidence that Madeleine was dead but did not have enough for a trial. The absence of forensic evidence can still bring some hope (that she is alive). Also there is a possibility that an hotel employee may have helped the suspect to target McCanns’ apartment, knowing they were at a nearby restaurant.

The possible abductor is known to have lived on the Algarve coast. The proof showed that his Portuguese mobile phone received an half-hour phone call in Praia da Luz around an hour before Madeleine, then three, went missing on May 3, 2007.

Wolters conveyed that police had not interviewed the current suspect about Madeleine’s murder at the time as they had not traced the person who called him.

Brueckner was sentenced for drug dealing and appealing against rape of a 72-year-old woman in 2005 at Praia da Luz and now is in jail in Germany.

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