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Italian hot chocolate: homemade recipe

Here’s a recipe for homemade Italian hot chocolate, so you can enjoy traditional Italian-style “cioccolata” at home.
Contrary to Neenah’s comment on our first post about Italian hot chocolate, one made at a bar is always made with milk and nearly always with powder, often cocoa powder to make a stronger hot chocolate.

You’ll find it’s sometimes bitter and therefore you’ll need to add sugar after it’s been served.
This Italian recipe is in English, and is a step by step video guide that’s easy to follow.
The ingredients include cocoa powder, sugar, flour, and milk.

The more flour you add, the thicker the hot chocolate will be, and if you add lots, you can even make yourself a chocolate pudding.
You can continuously add milk, until you get the consistency you want, and then the final step is to bring it to the boil over the stove.

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