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Eurochocolate 2008: Ceramica & Cioccolato at Deruta, Umbria

While the Eurochocolate festival has commenced, with Perugia as the protagonist of the chocolate festival, other towns in Umbria are celebrating the event with their own programs.
Umbria is famous for its ceramics, and at Deruta you will find the Ceramica & Cioccolato, which celebrates the artistic tradition of the town.

In the weekends of October 18 and 25, from 10am to 7pm, artists will be painting murals with chocolate, while free hot chocolate tastings are available, along with a visit to the chocolate factory.
You may be a little disappointed by the hot chocolate from the machines, so go for the art instead.

Perugina chocolate and Nestlé products will be on sale at the stands, along with the ceramic cup from the event, which can be purchased for five euros.

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