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Discovering Rome: the Rione Monti district

26 April, 2020
The Rione Monti district has always been a world apart from the other areas of Rome; even its dialect was slightly different from the one spoken in the city. In order to make room for the famous Via dei Fori,…

Art exhibition Italy: celebrating 500 years of Palladio

25 April, 2020
In Vicenza celebrations have begun to celebrate the fifth centenary of the birth of Andrea Palladio. In fact, on September 20 we will see the inauguration of “Palladio 500” at the Palazzo Barbaran da Porto.Blog dolce vita already reported on…

Saint Lawrence not a Caravaggio original

25 April, 2020
After news of a possible discover of a new Caravaggio painting - “San Lorenzo” - the painting has been determined not to be of Caravaggio origin. The ‘Martirio di San Lorenzo’ was originally reported by the Vatican newspaper, Osservatore Romano,…

The Making of the 2010 Pirelli Calendar video

25 April, 2020
The 2010 Pirelli Calendar is one of the best yet, having been shot by Terry Richardson in Brazil and featuring models such as Miranda Kerr, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Rosie Huntingdon, Eniko Mihalik and Catherine McNeil.You’ll be happy to know that…

Sam Way pics from Dolce & Gabbana book "Uomini"

25 April, 2020
We are back with more pics from Uomini (Italian for men), the Dolce & Gabbana book which is selling like hot cakes! Today we’ll get a closer look at super model Sam Way photographed by Mariano Vivanco! Uomini

Fiat 500 art car on show at Miami Exhibitalia

25 April, 2020
The Exhibitalia event is part of the Art Basel festival in Miami Beach and this year the Fiat 500 is on display both for arts’ sake and probably to generate more interest in the US market for the new pint-sized…

Florence: authorities removed Clet's sculpture

24 April, 2020
A few days ago French artist Clet set one of his sculptures made of glass and metal on a bridge in Florence, but the artwork was almost immediately removed by the authorities since he had not obtained any official permission…

Italian craft fair: Sant'Orso fair in Aosta

24 April, 2020
The town of Aosta will host an Italian craft fair on January 30th and 31st, which should have an alpine flavour. The Fiera di Sant’Orso has more than 1000 exhibitors displaying the creations of the Val d’Aosta’s artists and artisans.…

Rome's task force against art vandals

24 April, 2020
Touring Rome is more than enough for us to realise the historical and cultural patrimony of the city, but what we don’t always realise is how much Rome’s monuments and artworks are the subject of vandalism. Now, in the height…

Lapo Elkann opens his Milan house to Financial Times

24 April, 2020
In a long interview given to the Financial Times, Lapo Elkann, talked at length about his new house in Milan which the heir to the Agnelli Fortune personally redecorated. Located in Porta Ticinese, the house is 400 square metres in…

Milan Salone del mobile: Fendi Casa home collection preview

24 April, 2020
Fendi Home collection was first launched in 1989; this year at The Salone del Mobile in Milan, Fendi will present a collection of beautifully crafted sofas and armchairs made of velvet, silk and satin; all richly embroidered by skilful artisans.…

Top ten things to do in Florence

23 April, 2020
Florence is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world; according to Travel & leisure no other city can be compared to it. So if you arrive in Florence and you are in a hurry, maybe this article…

Bologna hosts exhibition on Federico Fellini

23 April, 2020
A spectacular exhibition dedicated to Italian film director Federico Fellini has been unveiled in Bologna, Emilia Romagna’s key city (Federico Fellini was born just a few miles way). Dall’ Italia alla Luna or From Italy to the Moon, is the…

Dinner at Italian Palladio's Villas: a visit to Veneto

23 April, 2020
If you want the ultimate Italian holiday, we can recommend a stay in one of the villas below. We’ve already looked at some of the masterpieces, in the form of Venetian villas, of the architect Palladio. From June to October…

Art exhibition in Padua: the Venetian city by Flemish artists

23 April, 2020
A new art exhibition in Padua is opening, putting on display the artworks owned by the Banca Antonveneta, as part of the bank’s private collection acquired over years of purchases. The exhibition runs from September 12th to November 4th.The artworks…

Raphael painting found in a cellar

22 April, 2020
Raffaello’s works are worth millions and even one of his smallest paintings if put on the block, could easily fetch 40 million euros! I say this because a small painting by this artist has just been found in a cellar…

Milan design week FuoriSalone

22 April, 2020
Milan design week event, FuoriSalone, is undoubtedly one of the most popular events in this Italian metropolitan city, and here we give you a few shots from the design show. With presentations, inaugurations, parties and events, the FuoriSalone can be…

Dsquared2 at Milan design week

22 April, 2020
The Salone del Mobile in Milan, has hosted an artistic installation from Dsquared², created by Dean and Dan Caten from the brand, in collaboration with American designer Gaston Marticorena.Lamps and sculptures called “Kinetic Art” feature kaleidoscopes inspired by the first…

Italian art: Caravaggio outstrips Michelangelo

22 April, 2020
According to the New Yok times and Philip Sohm, an art historian at the University of Toronto, Caravaggio has surpassed Michelangelo in popularity and this has not only been proved by a spate of essays and writings which have recently…