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Italian manufacturing: bicycle revival with Taurus Biciclette

There is more cycling tradition in Italy than you make think and as we head to the height of the Italian summer, we take a look at the historic bicycle builder, Taurus.
The company was originally established in 1908 and has recently been bought by two young Milanese entrepreneurs, who want to restore it to its golden age of production.

Taurus bicycles have always been known as elegant, quality products, always made in Italy, from the construction of the frame to the painting and right down to the nuts and bolts which are handmade, like in the past.
Taurus is one of the few bicycle companies that actually builds its own frames.

The classic ‘R’ models are currently available, along with more modern interpretations such as “Contropedale”, “Marinella” and “Marino”.
For more information on the Italian brand and its bicycles, see the Taurus biciclette website.

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