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Recipes from southern Italy: "sanguinaccio" pie

This regional Italian dish comes from the south of Italy and is particularly famous in Campania.
I was very tempted to write “bloody” cake in the title but thought better of it.
In any case, the name “torta di sanguinaccio” reflects the colour of the ingredients used in this sweet pie from Italy’s regional cooking.

Ingredients required are: 350 g of pork blood (best to check with your butcher about just how you might procure this – Italians never throw away anything of the pig), 250 g of cooked rice, 250 g of bread crumbs, 200 g of fig jam, some cocoa powder, 150 g of sultanas, 150 g of mixed walnuts and almonds, 150 g of sugar, 20 g of ground cinnamon and finally seven to eight cloves.

For the pastry you’ll need: 500 g of flour, two tablespoons of oil and some salt.
Prepare the pastry by mixing and kneading together the ingredients.
Roll it out quite thinly and place it in a pie dish.
Mix all the above ingredients together to create a smooth mixture and then cook over a low heat in a casserole dish while stirring constantly.

Leave it to cool and then place in the pie dish.
Bake in the oven at 180° for half an hour.

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