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Tests at major railway stations reveal that public transport are safe

So far covid regulations for public transports worked as supposed to, but now is not compulsory anymore to weak masks on trains as all covid restrictions have fallen.

Throughout the whole covid pandemic, public transports have always been claimed as one of the major virus vehicles. But today this myth is ready to be disconfirmed. Tests at the four major railway stations revealed no traces of COVID-19, making them safe.

Therefore this means there could be possible changes in transport regulations.

Railway stations are a safe place: tests demonstrate regulations works

The four tested railway stations were London Euston, Birmingham New Street, Liverpool Lime Street, and Manchester Piccadilly Circus. They all underwent two round of testing, one in January and the other in June. To test the covid presence it is used both a filter which collects any virus particles in the air and swabs to collect viruses on surfaces. By examining the results, the experts claimed that no traced of covid where found.

The senior programme manager for Network Rail’s response to the pandemic, Rob Mole, said:

Station cleaning teams and train staff have made it their mission to keep passengers safe during the pandemic; and this is proof their dedicated approach works. We want all passengers to travel in confidence on the railway network; and we will keep doing our part by rigorously cleaning trains and stations. We ask passengers to do their bit too by wearing face coverings while travelling out of respect for others so we can all stop the spread of COVID-19.

Since the removal for England of all covid restriction, which occurred on July 19, people are not formally required to wear a face mask upon public transports. A survey rise that 71% of people are willing to still wear it on trains as they’re usually crowded; and this would continue making railway stations a safe place. Whereas a 27% thinks mask should be screwed inside enclosed places, like pubs and restaurants, shops and gyms.

Currently, whether wearing a mask or not depends on a people’s ethics and morality.

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