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It’s freedom day for Uk, restrictions have come to an end

The end of restrictions is allowing certain businesses to re-open but is disrupting other due to continuous pinging of people. Not all Brits are happy and feel confident with this choice.

The so attended day has arrived for Brits! Today, Monday 19th of July 2021, the Uk will see the fall of all lockdown restrictions. Many scientists have criticized this decision, but Boris Johnson felt confident and pursed the plan. It can be considered a ‘Freedom Day’ for Britain, the choice was made as economics was facing a bad time, therefore opening was the only solution.

‘Freedom Day’: End of lockdown restrictions in the Uk

We’ve waited this day so badly, people started doing countdowns, but the same can’t be said for scientists. From the very first moment of this lessening proposal, scientists claimed it wasn’t a good idea.

Indeed, yesterday, on the eve of Britains ‘Freedom Day’ both Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak needed to self-isolate. The two went in contact with a positive covid individual, which is the new British Health Secretary Sajid Javid. Need to say, this is not the best greeting before the end lockdown restrictions.

The government mandate deletes mask-wearing and social distancing obligations. In addition, it means that business like nightclubs, which are closed since March 2020, can finally re-open. But currently in England, cases are actually increasing due to the Delta variant. This obviously both threatens economy and a true return to normal.

As we can see, a part of the population is not waisting their time and is immediately taking chances to party. On the contrary, a survey revealed that two third of English citizens think some restrictions should be still kept in place. If a person comes into contact with a tested positive individual, it will still need to self-isolate. This will cost a lost economically speaking. Indeed, business leaders have warned workers that if they’ll need to self-isolate it will have a crippling impact on economy.

Currently, many people are being pinged and this is causing issue in transport creating shortages of goods in supermarkets and also cuts in production in factories. Furthermore, there is the closure of London Underground’s Metropolitan Line due to key staff being pinged.

In conclusion we can say that this mandate is allowing some businesses to reopen but is disrupting others.

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