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Return to classroom worries risks of rising the Covid infection back

Covid measures relaxation, serve concerns about the risk of rising covid back, especially among school-aged ones.

return classroom covid
return classroom covid

It’s time for pupils to get back to school, but what are the requirements and regulations? Here’s all the update news about how to behave with Covid at school. The return to classrooms is a consequence of Covid measures relaxation, but many serve concerns whether this risks rising the infection back.

Parents serves concerns in the return to classroom without covid regulations

Fewer mitigations this term could lead to rising infections among school-aged children; what has changed in terms of regulations? In England, both schools and colleges no longer need to keep pupils is year group bubbles; allowing them to go back playing with whomever they prefer, mixing classes. In addition, face coverings are no longer required.

Last but not least, when children come into contact with Covid-19 positive individual, they’ll no longer require to self-isolate. A PCR test will be sufficient and self isolation will be necessary only if their test will prove positive as well.

For secondary school, students have been asked to take two lateral tests; one on their third day of return to classes and the other on the fifth.

Schools reopening in United Kingdom

Many find it bizarre going from stringent measures the current regulations, as little notion of how effective the vaccine will be is known; plus scientists warn about the likelihood of an exponential increase in infections among school-age children; as they represent the most unvaccinated age category.

In Northern Ireland some schools already returned last week, while England and Wales are starting this week. As already ‘ongoing experiment’ there is Scotland, which immediately reopened after the summer break, with scientists thinking the rise in cases have seen the contribution of schools reopening.

The Department of Education instructs parents via Twitter:

As explanatory reason of the decision taken, the government explains how important education is and how much pupils have already lost. Education lies also in playing activities. So far they’ve learnt a lot about respecting rules, losing their social interrelation skills.

A spokeswoman from Department for Education said:

Education remains a national priority; and the success of the vaccine programme means schools and colleges will deliver high-quality, face-to-face education to their pupils, with minimal disruption. The measures in place strike the right balance between making schools safe – with enhanced ventilation; Covid testing and vaccinations of older students and staff – and reducing disruption by removing bubbles and face coverings.

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