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Canada's top five museums

Michael Lee-Chin Crystal at The Royal Ontario Museum
© OliverN5 (Flickr)

Whether you have a month to travel across the country, or just a few days in one of the big cities, make sure you take the time to visit one of the museums listed below. Canada may have a reputation for Mounties and ice hockey, but they also have some incredible cultural experiences.

Canada’s Top Five Must-See Museums

1. Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario.

One of the largest and oldest museums in Canada, the ROM has permanent exhibits of objects from all over the world. Perennial favourites are the Bat Cave, the Egyptian Mummies, and the Dinosaur gallery.

2. Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia

If you’re looking for iconic totem poles you won’t be disappointed here. The main gallery here is filled with totems and First Nations artefacts. Don’t miss the incredible sculpture ‘Raven and the First Men’ by Haida artist, Bill Reid, and if you have time, get lost in their impeccably kept visible storage section.

3. Royal Tyrrell Museum, Drumheller, Alberta

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs. Nestled in the badlands of Alberta, which are known for their rich fossil beds, the Tyrrell features one of the largest collections of dinosaur skeletons in the world. Off the beaten track, this museum is best reached if you’re travelling across the Prairies, or as a day trip from Calgary.

4. Canadian Museum of Civilisation, Ottawa, Ontario

Walk through the village of the First Peoples of the Pacific Northwest in the Grand Hall, or discover Canadian history that spans the past thousand years in Canada Hall. Where ever you go, this large museum in Canada‘s capital city has something for everyone.

5. McCord Museum, Montreal, Quebec

Canadian history from a French Canadian perspective, a visit to the McCord Museum gives the visitor a look at the social history, and material culture of Montreal, Quebec, and Canada. If you love fashion, it also has the best historic costume and textile collection in Canada.

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