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How to draw a map of oregon

1. Accuracy
Oregon state welcome sign, along Interstate 84, entering from Idaho.
© WikiMedia (Wikimedia)

When drawing a map of the state of Oregon, try to make it as accurate as possible. This will help the user of the map and hopefully save them from getting lost. Use colour to make it easier for the user to read. You can also use a key to accurately describe all the features you show.
2. Use quality materials
Map of Oregon
© thekirbster (Flickr)

Use a quality paper so that the map lasts,

It is also important to use quality ink on that paper. It is no good making a quality map only for the ink to smudge and become unreadable at the slightest touch.
3. Use a pencil
us bundesstaaten – oregon
© michanolimit ()

Make your first draft with a pencil – that way any mistakes can be easily rubbed out and redrawn. Once you are satisfied with your first markings, then use a more permanent marker. Pens with a fine tip will allow narrower lines, leading to greater accuracy.
4. Add major features or landmarks
Mini Vacation – Driving Route
© jeffwilcox (Flickr)

Add the locations of the major cities, or any of the locations the user of the map is likely to find useful. The numbers of key road exits can be added into the key as well as distances between locations. By adding many landmarks, the user of the map can easily see where they are on the map by looking at their surroundings.
5. Use a scale
Major River Basins of Oregon
© Sam Beebe / Ecotrust (Flickr)

If your map is an accurate one, use a scale. State how many miles to the inch there actually are so that this gives the user an idea of distances to be covered.
6. Other information to add
Cover of the Oregon Highway Map
© OregonDOT (Flickr)

Your map of Oregon should include the state capital of Salem as well as its largest city of Portland. The major rivers that run through the state should be included, with their names clearly marked in bold ink. Crossing rivers is always a good reference point for finding your location. The major lakes and highest points should also be added.
7. Historical points of interest
Map of the Oregon Trail
© brewbooks (Flickr)

Many people, particularly visitors to a different state, like to see the history of that state. In Oregon, one of its most historical features is the Oregon Trail. Features like this should be added to the map to give those visitors much needed information on important historical points of interest. You could also add onto the key of your map information like phone numbers or the website of Oregon Tourism for additional tourist information.

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