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“Traffic light system” to allow holidays to certain destinations

Next Monday Johnson should announce a new method to allow travel outside the UK: a traffic light system.


The “traffic light system” will be useful to allow citizens to move and reach destinations. At the moment, for example, continental Europe is very risky.

The “traffic light system” to reach the destinations

This traffic light allows to classify the most risky destinations and the least risky ones, based on the infections of Covid-19.

Under this system, there will be fewer restrictions in places with fewer infections and more vaccinations.

The countries, based on their danger of infection and internal situation also linked to the vaccination campaign, will take the color of green, orange or red.

Furthermore, the hesitation and slowness of vaccination campaigns in continental Europe could lead to a ban on the British reaching those targets. This would be in favor of less risky areas like Israle and the United States.

Currently it’s forbidden to travel abroad to go on holiday, but Boris Johnson should give a speech next Monday. He’ll probably announce the end of the restrictions in England.

Maybe people won’t move to and from red countries. But those who return to the UK from a red country will probably have to stay in quarantine hotels. Instead, the countries that are part of the so-called green list do not require a compulsory quarantine.

In any case, some of these restrictions may lead UK citizens to take a home holiday. Thus they would avoid international travel, not risking contracting new strains and variants of the virus. A professor of epidemiology at University College, Dame Anne Johnson, believes that one of the greatest risks is the import of new variants.

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