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Covid-19, Chris Witty: chances of no more local lockdown

Chris Witty: no local lockdown
Chris Witty: no more lockdown

Chris Witty says that there may be no more local lockdown. In the time of two years, there will surely be a wide choice of vaccines. But in the meantime, be careful.

Chris Witty: chances of no more local lockdown

England’s chief medical officer, Chris Witty, said if citizens remain alert and cautious there will be no more lockdowns. In this way the Covid will not disappear, but at least it will be like an influence.

He says that in two years many vaccines will be available, but in the meantime we must remain cautious.

Doing so we can return to a normal (or almost) life. Witty said that the only case in which the situation would get extremely aggravated is where a new variant would arrive. Now, in fact, the situation is manageable, but if there is an unexpected it could be complicated.

These statements could finally lift the spirits of British citizens who are tired of the situation. More than a year has passed since Prime Minister Boris Johnson imposed the first lockdown and the obligation to stay at home. Meanwhile in England the vaccination campaign continues and is also leading to positive effects on infections. Also the victims and deaths decrease.

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