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Cycling in Luxembourg


Luxembourg is the paradise of cyclists. With more than 600 kilometers of cycling routes, and just about 700 kilometers of mountain bike trails, it’s no surprise that cyclists from around the world choose Luxembourg to train and vacation.

The best part? All routes are detailed, signaled, and they specify the level of expertise necessary to do them. There are a wide variety of cycling apps that will use GPS to help navigate bendy roads, mountain tracks and make cycling in Luxembourg a fun experience.

We cannot fail to mention the outstanding scenery these cycling routes offer, as well as the fact that Luxembourgish roads are rather low on traffic, making it all a much more pleasant adventure.

Vëlosummer: cycling event in Luxembourg

Every summer for three years now, Vëlosummer offers the possibility to visitors interested in discovering the beauties of Luxembourg by bike, to follow guided tours. Vëlosummer runs from the 30th of July to the 28th of August.

During this month, many municipalities in Luxembourg get together to offer safe routes for cyclists, with events at different stops. Each year from 2020 (where more than 40.000 participants launched this summer event) the Vëlosummergrows including more routes and towns, in which was thought as to boost the touristic potential of smaller corners of the country, as well as promote healthy habits.

Two interesting aspects of this event is that accommodation allows for bike parking, as well as services that transport the luggage form one stop to another, letting bike riders enjoy the road without the hassle of carrying their possessions from point A to point B. Additionally, there are a lot of options when it comes to either bring your bike from home, or rent one locally.

What you need to know about cycling in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a country that has promoted cycling for years now and it is experiencing a Renaissance of this activity.

Not only is it a great way to discover Luxembourg City but also an option for more adventurous tourists looking to enjoy the Luxembourgish landscape, its valleys and forest, in an ecological (and fun!) way.

Cycling paths

If you are more comfortable not riding on the road, Luxembourg has 23 cycling paths, some of which follow railroad tracks and cross fields, offering unique views and breathtaking scenes.

Cycling road rules

Luxembourg has a lot of very well-established rules for cyclists in order to keep all road users safe. In some areas it’s even allowed to ride side by side as long as safety distances are respected. Do keep in mind your bike has to be equipped with the necessary lights and reflectors, and functioning breaks.

Wearing a helmet is not compulsory in Luxembourg, but highly recommended by police.

Other rules include children cycling with adults, keeping right, being aware of other road users, and use hand signals.

How to get to Luxembourg

Luxembourg is easily reached by road (car, bus and train) from Belgium, Germany and France. But Luxembourg also has an international airport which makes it even easier to get there, even if you’re planning to bring your bike.

Wherever you are going in Luxembourg or the greater region, there is an interesting option, more affordable and convenient: door2gate.

While there are buses and taxis from and to the airport, Flibco’s door2gate is a service that will take you from your home or accommodation to the airport, or vice versa, in a shared van and helping you get to the airport at the exact right time. Choosing door2gate is not only the smartest way to reach the airport.

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