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There Is a Good Bacteria in Our Body That Helps Us Feel Better

3 February, 2020
It consists of colonies of microorganisms – over 1,000 species of bacteria, fungi and protozoa – that live in our digestive system. The bacterial flora, or gut microbiota, is a valuable ally for our health. First and foremost, it prevents…

Water Shortage: Why Are We Running Out of ‘Blue Gold’?

2 February, 2020
Our planet is experiencing an unprecedented water shortage. There are many reasons for this, but they all have to do with man – and climate change. First of all, world population is growing and this leads to an increase of…

This Indian Lake Is So Polluted, It Keeps Catching Fire

24 January, 2020
There is an Indian lake that is always burning making life difficult for locals. It is Lake Bellandur in Bangalore and once again, the only one responsible for this phenomenon is man. The fires, in fact, would be the result…

Earthworms Are Among the Most Important Animals on the Planet

20 January, 2020
The earthworm is certainly not an animal that many people pay attention to. Yet it is one of the most important living things on the planet. Without earthworms, in fact, the soil would not have characteristics suitable for plant growth.…

Indonesia Is About to Ban Tourism on the Island of Komodo

12 January, 2020
The Indonesian Government is considering extending the ban to tourists on the island of Komodo. Initially, Indonesia had decided to ban tourist visits to the island for only one year. However, the government is considering prolonging the ban for at…
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