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Where to find safe heathrow airport parking

Heathrow 1977
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Long stay parking
If you are going away for a long period of time, the long stay parking option that Heathrow offers you, is best suited to you. Here you can park your car for weeks at a time. Book well in advance for the best prices.

Author’s advice
Don’t worry about the parking not being close to the terminal. There are shuttle buses that come every few minutes to take you from the parking lot to the terminal.
Short stay parking
If you just need to be at the airport for a short period of time, you can make use of the short term parking option. This is very close to the terminal and allows you to stay at the airport to see off relatives, or pick somebody up. It is expensive, so you cannot use this option for going on holiday.
Business parking
For people who want to park near the airport for a long stay, Heathrow gives them the option to book business parking. This is definitely an advantage as when you get off your plane, you will get to your car sooner than if you have parked the car with long term parking.

Shuttle buses system
There are very frequent shuttles to and from the terminal to bring you to your car within minutes. It is a bit more expensive than the long term parking option, but if you know you need to get to a meeting quickly after leaving the airport, this could be the best solution for you.
Other options
Heathrow airport offers some more parking options. You can opt for valet airport parking. This means you drop off the car at a valet service when you arrive at the airport, and on your way back, the valet service have the car ready for you.

Meet and greet parking
Another option is the meet and greet. You have to book a driver in advance and he meets you when you get off your plane, in order to drive you to your next destination.

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