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Visiting boracay island in the philippines

© Luca Paolo Martinell Mare a Cayo Largo
© Luca Paolo Martinell

Boracay is a well-known tourist destination in the Philippines. This 7 kilometre long island is world renowned for its pristine fine white sand and crystal clear waters. Its rise to fame — which started in the early 80s — is fairly recent as in the past, the few people who discovered the beauty of Boracay tried to keep the island a secret to the general public.
Now, the island is well developed with modern conveniences and amenities widely available. Accommodations here are plentiful, from budget type rooms to luxurious hotel suites. The island is also replete with restaurants, bars, and retail stores. Boracay has two main islands, namely White Beach and Bulabog Beach. Between the two, White Beach is the more popular mainly due to the great quality of its sand. This is also where most of the action happens as it is in this part of the island where majority of Boracay’s business establishments are located. Bulabog Beach on the other hand is where tourists go to if they want to try out or enjoy kite boarding or windsurfing.

To get to Boracay, you have two main choices, one is by plane and the other is via ferry. Air transport is obviously the faster between the two and is the mode that many tourists prefer. However, whether you choose to take a plane or ferry, both would entail you taking a short boat ride to the island of Boracay.

Time should also be considered when going to the island paradise. If you want peace and quiet then it would be best that you travel to Boracay during its low season, which is typically around the months of June, July, and September. In addition, you can get to snatch really affordable fares and lodging during this period. On the other hand, peak season here- which can really get crowded-starts in October and stretches all the way to May.

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