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A guide to phuket holidays

© mst7022 (Flickr) Kata, Phuket sunset
© mst7022 (Flickr)
Things to do on a Phuket holiday
Most visitors come to Phuket for its beaches, and there are several beautiful tropical beaches to choose from.
The most famous is Ao Patong, where many hotels, restaurants, bars and much of the nightlife is concentrated, but if you travel around the island you can find some quieter spots for sunbathing and swimming.

Other things to do
Other things to do on in Phuket include water sports (diving and diving courses, snorkelling, jet skiing, para-sailing, windsurfing), boat trips around the island and to the nearby smaller islands, Thai boxing matches and classes, Thai cooking courses and excursions to the Old Town.
In the Old Town, you can walk around, admiring traditional Chinese-style architecture and Buddhist temples, narrow streets, small restaurants and coffee shops.

Phuket is famous (and infamous) for its nightlife and especially for the go-go bars, many of which are on and around Patong Beach.
If you want to avoid the worst aspects of mass tourism in Thailand, stay away from Patong at night.
One event worth witnessing is Ngan Kin Jeh, which is the Phuket Vegetarian Festival that is held in October/November.
This festival is an annual festival that attracts large crowds. You may watch participants walking barefoot on top of hot coals or piercing their body parts with sticks.
Phuket travel tips and when to visit
The best time to visit Phuket is between November and February.
The hottest season, from March to June, brings very hot and humid temperatures, and the rainy season between June and October brings heavy rains and strong currents that can make swimming dangerous.
The waters around Phuket are known for strong undercurrents, especially around the Western part of the island.
Whenever you go swimming, watch out for the red flags – not all beaches have lifeguards.

Final word
Phuket is easy to get to and there are daily flights from Bangkok to the island’s airport.
Many travel agents offer cheap Phuket packages and there are several luxury resorts around the island that can offer good value for money.
Christmas and New Year are the peak seasons here, but if you travel outside the peak season, you can find some good discounts.

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