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There Is An Elevated Bike Path for Cycling Through the Trees

10 January, 2020
If you think you can't ride in trees, you're wrong. In Belgium, in fact, in Hechtel-Eksel in the Limburg district, cycling on treetops is a reality. How? Thanks to an incredible elevated bike path through the beautiful coniferous forests of Pijnven. A…

How Mass Tourism Has Ruined Some of the Pacific Islands

8 January, 2020
Mass tourism is devastating the Pacific islands. From Thailand to Bali, there has been a real boom of visitors in recent years. However, it is not only the fault of Westerners. In fact, many of the tourists come from China…

Tree Bridges in India Become Stronger as Trees Grow

6 January, 2020
They are not the tallest or longest bridges in the world. In fact, they are a series of river crossings consisting of tree roots. These are real tree bridges that rise above rivers and ravines in Meghalaya in northeastern India. They…

Central Japan – The Wonder of Nature in The Winter Season

3 January, 2020
Discovering Japan in winter is an unforgettable adventure that will delight even the most demanding traveller. In fact, the twilight lights that reflect on the snow create a suggestive atmosphere. In central Japan, between Tokyo and Kyoto, there are some…

Great Barrier Reef in Australia Is Now an Underwater Museum

27 December, 2019
An open-air museum to safeguard the immense treasure of the Great Barrier Reef. And to make everyone aware of the importance of protecting flora and fauna that represent a unique treasure for the whole world. Australia, however, is not the…

The Best Festivals in the World That Celebrate Animals

24 December, 2019
Throughout the year, fortunately, there are many festivals that allow us to relax and celebrate welcome events. Well, if you didn't know, pets also have their own holidays. In fact, there are a lot of events and holidays for dogs…

December Blooms – 6 Plants That Are not Afraid of the Cold

22 December, 2019
Some people think that with winter nature goes into hibernation, depriving the world of the colours of flowers and plants. But some plant species continue to bloom even at low temperatures. In fact, there are many plants that can colour…

Spend Your Holidays in Nature in These Green Accommodations

20 December, 2019
Today we can travel in an ecological way. In fact, there are many accommodation facilities in the world that adopt a sustainable lifestyle, respecting the environment and nature. Natural furniture, energy and water saving, recycling and the possibility to eat local food.…

Air Pollution Is Reaching Extreme Levels in New Delhi

19 December, 2019
On November 1, the inhabitants of New Delhi, the capital of India, woke up under a thick blanket of smog. Air pollution was so severe that people had difficulties breathing. As a result, the local authorities even declared a public…

This Disturbing Himalayan Lake Is Filled with Human Bones

18 December, 2019
They thought they were the victims of a violent hailstorm. Before that, people thought they were an army that had fallen during a war. According to popular belief, however, it was the fault of an exterminating god. But the only…

In Singapore You Can Make Flowers Bloom with an App

15 December, 2019
It is already an enchanted forest. However, starting from January it will be even more so. It is Gardens By The Bay, a 101-hectare park in central Singapore, right next to the Marina Bay Sands reservoir. This magnificent park is…

2019 Ozone Hole May Be One of the Smallest in 30 Years

7 December, 2019
The annual appearance of the ozone hole in Antarctica could be one of the smallest since the mid-1980s. This is what scientists at the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) claim. CAMS scientists have in fact observed that this year the ozone…
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