Must-know: the essential Coronavirus travel advice

Coronavirus, because of this pandemic, more countries are rushing to close borders and introduce new travel restriction.

coronavirus travel advice
coronavirus travel advice

Now Europe become the center of Coronavirus. In Europe, thousands of new casses reported each day. Because of this pandemic, more countries are rushing to close borders and introduce new travel restriction.

Coronavirus, the essential travel advice

Because of that, for those who will holidays, has upcoming travel booked, or maybe already abroad may can stranded without notice.

Problem 1: flights have been cancelled

If your flight has been cancelled, your airline should be tell you via email or text with what to do next. If not and you’re already abroad, check your airline’s website first – right now, call centres will be flooded with worried customers trying to find out what’s happening. If the cancellation is due to Coronavirus, your airline will more than likely have posted a statement on what will happen next.

If you haven’t travelled yet, you should be able to get a full refund or rebook for another time. Check with your airline as to what their policy is. Be aware, though, some airlines will only let you rebook once.

Problem 2: if the holiday cancelled, can I get refund?

This is something that you need to aware. If you booked a packadge holiday, it should be protected by ABTA or ATOL and therefore you should receive a full refund or you can choose to rebook for another time. If you booked transport and accommodation separately, you can contact relevant providers directly.

Problem 3: holiday in summer, should I cancel?

If you booked holiday package for summer, better wait and see, especially if you have to pay a fee or lose your deposit if you cancel now.
You can see that China, where the virus originated, now had just 18 new cases according to the World Health Organization.

Problem 4: Compesation if Travels are affected

If it’s due Coronavirus, it’s unlikely. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said: “Where the Government is advising against travel to a destination we consider that this would be viewed as an ‘extraordinary circumstance’ and compensation would not be payable.

Problem 5: Travel Insurace Cover the User?

Maybe there is still some questin about this, especially, if your travel insurance cover you. So pleas double check with your provider before travel. Countries could be closing their borders without warning, which means you could be left stranded, with no way to get home. And even if you can get home, you might end up paying a hefty fee to do it, with no promise that any travel insurance will cover you. The FCO hasn’t put a blanket ban on travel, but it may be prudent to plan a staycation for the next couple of months.


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