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Boris Johnson: football teams have to answer to their fans

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that Premier League football teams have to answer to their fans.

Football teams must answer to their fans
Premier League football teams

Boris Johnson believes that Premier League football teams have to answer to their fans.

Johnson thinks that football teams must answer to fans

Prime Minister Boris Johnson believes that the proposals of the Premier League could prove harmful and dangerous to football.

In fact, the idea is that of a separate competition, but first all clubs should take into account their fans.

Some teams including Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester City joined the proposal. They should flank Italian and Spanish teams, including Milan, Inter and Juventus (Italy) and Atletico, Real Madrid and Barcelona (Spain).

However, UEFA didn’t react in the best way to the thought that these teams, the big six, could participate in a new competition. In fact, UEFA and other associations have taken steps to ensure that this project fails. Even Boris Johnson agrees with this opinion, and in fact on Twitter showed support for the football authorities, certainly more competent.

Even Sadiq Khan agrees with the Prime Minister and says that football is for everyone and not just an elite. The English FA has stated that it will undertake not to authorize any competition that could compromise English football. It’s also prepared, where appropriate, to take legal action.


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