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Shopping in rome

Shopping in Rome: women's design shop Leartigiane.it

2 April, 2020
Cultural and women’s design association Leartigiane.it recently opened their new shop in Rome, near Torre Argentina, where you can find furniture, interior decorations, jewellery and handmade clothes on display. The association is design to support women’s craftmanship and the shop…

Rome shopping: Ai monastery, a shop from another era

28 March, 2020
Yesterday while I was walking through the streets of Rome, I came upon the strangest shop I had ever seen; unable to check my curiosity I went in and found a series of artefacts and products from the major abbeys…

Shopping in Rome: ceramic clocks at Raku

24 March, 2020
The “Ceramica Raku” shop is another of Rome’s boutique stores that exclusively sells ceramic clocks. The shop has been part of the Montesi family business which was established in 1985 and which sells these Italian ceramic clocks locally and internationally.The…