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Speed camera

Helmet Assisted Radar Detector: US anti-radar system

10 April, 2020
The world’s a small place, and after we showed you Italy’s way of avoiding speed cameras, through mechanised number plates that can be raised automatically, America also comes to the fore with a more subtle device.Manufacturer of motorcycle accessories, Legal…

Motorised mechanism that raises numberplate

23 March, 2020
This week we’ve been looking at fines in Italy for motorcycling infringements. Riding with the number plate up is an old trick used by riders to escape speed cameras - but some have even gone beyond that. A rider, discovered…

Photo of the day: slide caught on speed camera

15 March, 2020
This incredible photo is accompanied by an incredible story - a Dutch rider has been photographed by a speed camera in the middle of a fall and subsequent slide. The rider has the honour of having marked a record as…