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Venice events

Passion, Yacht & Emotions: luxury fair in Venice

23 April, 2020
From February 19 to 22 a luxury yacht fair will take place in Venice at the Molino Stucky Hilton called “Passion, Yacht & Emotions”. It will be held at the same time as the first ever masked fair in Venice…

Historic regatta in Venice with traditional Venetian boats

11 April, 2020
The historic regatta of Venice, the “Regata Storica” is the second biggest event of Venice after the Carnevale di Venezia before Easter. It represents an important event for the Venetians themselves who race, as well as for tourists given the…

Hotel deals for New Year's Eve in Venice

16 March, 2020
Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Venice, or the night of San Silvestro for the Italians, would be something special, we feel. What better way to throw yourself into 2010 than enjoying the romance of one of Italy’s most famous cities?…