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How to stop procrastination

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Identify important tasks
Job hunting can be a stressful task for many people. Job hunting involves completing multiple application forms, telephoning employers and basically working before actually being paid to work. Job hunters can often be easily distracted from the high priority job seeking tasks by a variety of non-important issues. If the length of unemployment extends for a long period it is very easy to fall into chronic procrastination; which is finding any excuse possible not to undertake job hunting tasks. Stopping procrastination is a simple process and the earlier this takes place the better. One way to stop procrastination is to identify important duties the night before they should be undertaken. This means that these tasks should be completed first thing the next morning. Leaving duties until later in the day will simply mean they are being put off for no good reason and procrastination will have won the day.
Write a list of important tasks
Job hunters should get into the habit or writing a daily list of duties and tasks that are high priority and will bring them closer to the goal of obtaining a job. This list should be checked off as each task is completed and can include daily checking of job sources such as recruitment agencies and job centres. Checking job adverts in newspapers and on the internet every morning can also be added to the list. Job hunters who wait until later in the day to check job sources are simply letting other early bird candidates show potential employers their enthusiasm. Beating procrastination will be easy with a set routine every day that involves all of the important job hunting tasks. Once these tasks have been completed a few days in a row they will soon become second nature and will make job hunting a lot easier.
Avoid daily distractions
It is easy to become distracted throughout the day especially without a work routine in place. Switching on the television first thing in the morning can soon bring many wasted hours. Combating procrastination means overcoming the temptation to switch on the television or chat to friends for hours on the internet about how hard it is to find a job. Realise that being lazy is often a procrastination definition and will not be of any help towards finding that job. Being active, setting out tasks and undertaking them immediately instead of putting them off is the best way to combat procrastination.

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