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Preparing and conducting a fair and respectful job interview

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The main objective for any Human Resource manager is to provide the company with personnel that are capable of performing the job position and to fit into the company’s culture as well.

To begin, it’s always best to start out with a well written job posting. As you write the job description avoid using industry jargon that may preclude candidates from other industries with skills you would find valuable. Speak plainly and list your expectations completely. There’s nothing more disappointing than sitting down to a job interview just to find out your candidate was unaware of a requirement that would have precluded them from applying. It’s a waste of time for both parties and disrespectful to those job seekers who could have been pursuing other opportunities.

Next, be friendly. You’re probably wonder why it’s necessary for me to even mention that but If we come across in an intimidating manner, it is unlikely that our potential candidate will be as open or forth coming with information that will enable us to decide if they are a good fit. The interview can be stalled before it gets started if we create a hostile environment in which it’s them against us, simply because we forget how important it is for us to be approachable and relate to those we interview.

Avoid stereotyping your candidate. Those of us in the HR industry know the importance of not discriminating against those we interview. Yet, to some degree we all have our built-in prejudices. They come to us through our upbringing and the culture that surrounds us. Acknowledging that we have biases that can get in the way of a fair evaluation is the best defence.

In your interview be sure to ask for permission to contact their current employer. It is only fair to provide them with this courtesy as you do not want to put their current job in jeopardy.

Finally, remember that to do your job well, you need to genuinely like other people.

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