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How to apply eyeshadow

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How to make up your eyes
Everyday eyeshadow makeup
Draw a line in the crease of your lid with a brown eyeliner pencil.
Then apply an earth toned brown eyeshadow along the line on your eyelid.
Brush a lighter shade of brown on the lid and blend the colours so there is no line between the two.
Apply your mascara.
Draw a thin line along inner lower eyelid with a white or golden-beige pencil. That will make eyes look larger.
Apply a thin coat of cream blush under the brow bone.
Use your pinkie to blend in a downward fashion toward the crease of the eyelid.
Evening eyeshadow application
Prime the eyelid with a creamy neutral eyeshadow base all over the lid up to the brow bone.
Hold the eyelid taut and draw a dotted line along the upper lashes with a black eyeliner pencil.
With a small eyeliner brush, smudge the dotted line together.
Start at the outer eye and brush purple eyeshadow across the eyelid towards the nose.
Keep the darkest shade on the outside and lighten it up as you work inwards.
Smokey eye shadow technique
Apply black eyeshadow close to the lash line on top and bottom with a small brush.
On your eyelid, blend the shadow with your finger up to the crease.
Apply a creamy shimmer colour with a pencil or small brush at the inner corners to make the eye whites look brighter.
Apply mascara to the top lashes. Expert tips
Choose colours that make your eyes pop.

Purple and violet shades go with almost any eye colour. However, matching the colour of your eyes can bring out their colour – think blue shadow on blue eyes, green shades on green eyes.

Make your shadow last
Don’t forget to prime the eyes. Using a shadow base or primer helps eyeshadow to stay on longer. Apply it to the whole eye, not just the lid.

Go easy on glamour make up
The shimmer of glamour is hot, but it shows off wrinkles. If you have heavy lids, lines or wrinkles on the eyelids, go very light on the shimmer or skip it completely.

Remember, when it comes to makeup, lay emphasis on one area. If you play up your eyes, play down the lips.

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