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How to stop dandruff?

1. Apple Cider Vinger
© AndyRob (Flickr) Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother
© AndyRob (Flickr)

Get a small mixing bowl and pour roughly a cup of apple cider vinegar into it. Apple cider vinegar works to stop dandruff because it contains alpha-hydroxy acids which are known to break down and remove the many bacteria on which dandruff is able to live and grow. The build up of this bacteria that dandruff is known to grow on can also be caused by not washing your hair enough. If you do not wash your hair often enough all of the dirt and bacteria will build up on your scalp causing dandruff.
2. Mix in water
© laszlo-photo (Flickr) When Water Drops Collide
© laszlo-photo (Flickr)

Mix in roughly one quarter of warm water into the mixing bowl that contains the apple cider vinegar. Try to use some sort of a spoon or stirrer to thoroughly mix the two ingredients together.
3. Wash hair
© Gabriela Young woman getting her hair washed at the beauty saloon.
© Gabriela

Wash your hair regularly with your normal shampoo. Once you have finished washing your hair, apply the apple cider vinegar and water mix to your hair. Make sure that you thoroughly apply it through your hair, especially your scalp.
4. Rinse out the dandruff mix
© .shock young pretty woman relaxing under shower
© .shock

Once you are sure that the mix is well applied to your hair then rinse it out using warm water. Rinse your hair for at least one minute to ensure that the mix does not remain in your hair.
5. Repeat these steps
Repeat steps one through four twice a week on a consistent basis to ensure that you permanently stop getting dandruff. If you stop using this mix you may have to deal with dandruff all over again. The apple cider vinegar and water mixture work as great dandruff treatments and dandruff solutions.

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