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The benefits of colon cleansing

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What is colon cleansing?
The whole idea of colon cleansing is to help rid the body of the build up of any toxins and intestinal plaque. This builds up in the folds of both the small and large intestines and needs a little help to move along.

Colon cleansing can work in a number of different ways. You can get professional help with things like colonic irrigation which helps to wash out any faeces or toxins that may be hanging onto your colon.

However personally I like to stick with the natural forms. When I originally cleansed I looked at my diet, especially my intake of fiber. Along with the changes to my diet, I also increased the amount of fiber I was taking in which I combined with taking in more fluids.

After a little while I found the stools I passed became unusual in coloration and shape etc. It does seem a little strange to go to the bathroom and then take a look at what you’ve done but when you see the results you begin to look more often.

As the cleansing began to really kick in I got headaches as the toxins started to leave my body. After about a week of the process (which took 2 months in all) I began to feel I had more energy, the headaches eased off and strangely enough I felt as if the excess fat around my waste was more just skin rather than hard and fatty.

As I came to the end of the process I found going to the bathroom was a much easier and I was sleeping better too. During the day I was able to take in less food but have just as much energy and I actually weighed almost 10 kg less than when I began.
Where to begin
Well the best place to start is by talking to your GP. Get his/her thoughts on you going through the process and see if they think it would help you to colon cleanse in the first place.

Then do as I did and research the different forms. The version I did was just one of many on the market and online instructional guides. Find one you think will work best with your lifestyle and then again speak with your GP about what you’ve decided to do and go from there.

Good Luck

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