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Five great juicing recipes

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© chatchaip97
Juicing for health
1. Passion Fruit Juice
Passion fruit is mainly grown in tropical countries. The fruit of the passion flower can be eaten or made into fresh juice.

10 medium-sized passion fruits
Mint leaves for garnishing
Cut the passion fruit in half.
Scoop the flesh from the fruit.
Mix in the blender.
Use a sieve or a strainer to separate the pips or broken seeds.
Pour in a jar and mix with water.
Add sugar according to taste (passion fruit is sour).
Garnish with mint leaves.

2. Ginger Juice
Ginger is used in a lot of dishes either as a spice or as a garnishing.
It is also widely used in Asia for its medicinal properties.
What people do not know is that it is one of the healthy juices you can make and it is perfect for quenching thirst in summertime when temperatures are soaring.

1 piece of ginger between 2 to 3 inches long
Peel the ginger and slice it diagonally.
Crush the pieces using a blender.
Add water.
Stir well.
Put the mixture in a strainer to remove the ginger fibre. Add a dash of cinnamon before serving.

3. Green Mango Juice
Green mangoes are not easy to find but if they are available, they make refreshing and healthy fruit drinks.

Five green, unripe mangoes
Peel the skin of the mangoes.
Cut fruit in chunks.
Put the pieces in the blender and mix.
Add water to the macerated mixture.
Mix the juice well. Serve with crushed ice.
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4. Cantaloupe Juice
Cantaloupe is a round melon with orange or green flesh. It is excellent for juicing and is naturally sweet.

One to two ripe cantaloupes
Cut the melon into half and slice the halves into pieces.
Remove the skin from the sliced fruit.
Place all the pieces in a blender.
Add water as desired.
Cut strips of melon and add in the mixture. Serve chilled.

5. Durian Smoothie
Durian is an exotic fruit known for its pungent taste and strong odor. It makes a nutritious juice smoothie and tastes extraordinary.

1 whole Durian fruit (available in Asian supermarkets)
1/2 cup of skimmed milk
Remove the flesh of the Durian and put it in the blender.
Add the milk and mix well.
Sugar or cream may be added to neutralize any bitter taste.
Serve with crushed ice.

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