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Pooh's drummer Stefano D'Orazio leaves band

“ I Pooh” is one of the most glorious and loved pop bands here in Italy.
Formed in Bologna in 1966, the famous band has over the years sold millions of records throughout the world.
Also known as the Italian Beatles (the nickname was coined by Franco Sabatini in a famous book dedicated to their astonishing career), the band has dominated the Italian music scene for more than 40 years.

But the big (and sad) news is that Stefano d’Orazio, the drummer, has now decided to retire and give up the band for good.
The announcement was made only a day before the band officially launched their new summer tour and album.

So Mr D’Orazio will embark on a farewell tour and then retire from the business! After the jump, you can enjoy a video from Pooh’s most successful years.

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