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Historic Buells S3 Thunderbolt

With the new EBR 1190rs again pushing the boundaries in motorcycle manufacturing, it seems appropriate to check out some of the previous Buell creations – even from Harley-Davidson days – to see how Erik Buell has always stayed true to his innovative principles.

In fact, probably one of the difficulties with Buell bikes were that they weren’t so approachable at first glance and had to be ridden to be understood.

But there’s something to be said for purist bikes and in these pics we get quite an elegant restoration of a Buell S3 Thunderbolt, whose owner, Alberto says: “It’s a very characteristic motorcycle, with a unique style and personality.

Mine is perhaps the only example left in Italy in this condition and I managed to “restore” it with a lot of passion and help from friends who love two-cylinder Buells.
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