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Igo Chack's 2012 Izh-1 Hybrid Motorcycle Concept

Igor Chak is only 26 years old, but judging from this highly tecnological hybrid concept motorcycle based on the 1929 Soviet Izh–1, he’ll have an amazing future also in motorcycle design.
According Chak, the engine of his Izh-1 is a V-twin 849.

40 ccm (51.
83 cubic inches) that can generate 140 hp with 50% of the engine made from heat resistant and highly reinforced plastic.

In addition to that, the engine has built in wiring and circuitry that reduces weight, damage to wires through corrosion and decay that will result in less faulty contacts and make diagnostics more precise.

The engine has an automatic smart fuel-regulating system to get the best mpg.
In addition there is a brush less 60kw electric motor that is built in the rear rim, with a small 2 speed gearbox.
The power to the electric motor comes from a Lithium Sulfide Battery (instead of Lithium ion batteries) located at the rear of the engine and the combination should give up to 80 mpg.
Equipped with a 6 speed clutch, with an available automatic transmission, magnetic brakes with a hydraulic back-up system.
While the clutch, braking and throttle systems are all electronically controlled.

If all this isn’t enough, the concept is also conceived to mount a unique dual airbag as a safety feature that in case of a front end collision, the front airbag will take about 50 % of the hit and keeping the back tire stable to the ground, while the front airbag also keeps the main airbag farther from the object.
This gives the rider more space to be caught with an airbag.
The main airbag has pointy arms catch the riders shoulders, blocking the body from moving forward and the skeleton fork design works as a crumple zone.
Upon impact the forks lock forward to take the maximum hit at the correct angleEquipped with a proximity regulating radar system that works together with a front facing on-board camera.
Other safety features include: advanced traction control that has a automatic ability to adjust to ice, water dirt oil; an accelerometer to let the headlights turn when you turn; stabilizer to avoid wobble and advanced ABS.
The bike has 3 modes: sport, comfort and manual.
One of the most interesting features is the bikes connection to the real world.
Izhs display uses an augmented reality technology.
Augmented reality is translated through an HD camera build into the front with night vision capabilities.
With this technology GPS navigation has been translated in real time.
The navigation pass is overlaid into what the camera sees and displayed on the main display.
This also makes it easier way to find commercial points of interest.
Augmented reality also works as a safety features to outline potential hazards.
Another interesting feature is the ability to remote control your mobile device on your main display.
Izh will connect with any major mobile OS: iPhone, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian, Android and etc.
With this feature, a rider can answer a phone call by pressing on a control scroll wheel located on the left handle bar.
Answering phone calls is only feature that can be used while in motion, for safety reasons.
When the bike is at a standstill the rider can take full advantage of their phone: SMS, web, video, apps and etc.
Standard connectivity features full on GPS, Bluetooth 4.
0, Wi-Fi and 4G.

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