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Illegal motorcycle street racing may equal death penalty in China

Every country has their own traffic laws, but China has just upped their own laws, making them even harsher, so imitating Fast and Furious or Biker Boyz along their city streets could result not only in a jail sentence, but even in the death penalty.

The new Chinese guidelines were revealed following the arrest of two street motorbike racers in Shanghai riding Honda and Yamaha litre bikes who were charged with dangerous driving after being caught by surveillance cameras speeding and jumping red lights.

The two evaded police pursuit, but were later arrested based on the surveillance camera footage (Big Brother is always watching) and the bikes confiscated with reports saying that the Yamaha was unlicensed and the other rider was using another person’s licence plates.

The racers currently face 15 days of jail time, but that could be upped to seven years and worse if the racing had caused other consequences and if they get a hanging judge, they could be taking the final ride in one of those ‘death vans’ or families will paying for the bullet.
The above video is from a story we posted in 2010 regarding a crackdown on illegal racing in Italy.

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