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Motorcycle design Erik Buell Racing 1190RS video

There’s no doubt that the Erik Buell Racing 1190RS is a hot bike and now it looks like we’ll get a series of videos on the making of the EBR 1190RS, starting with this prologue.
The new bike from the brain of Erik has made its AMA Pro Superbike racing debut, and now we get to see just exactly what goes into this impressive (and expensive) US sports bike.

The word that Erik Buell “held nothing back on this bike” (from Geoff May) reveal what the man intended to do – come back into the industry and prove exactly what he could make.
Luckily for us, it’s not always true that great people have nothing to prove because that’s exactly what they like doing, and these are the kinds of creations we get.

The man himself says “I’m Erik Buell and I do motorcycles”.
And we’d like to see more here in Europe, please.
Nice video – we’ll be bringing you more if it proves to be a series.

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