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New Marco Simoncelli tribute helmets by AGV

AGV has released a new updated version of a GP-Tech Marco Simoncelli tribute helmet and have also added a jet model that the Italian manufacturer has produced, in agreement with his family, to commemorate the late champion.
The 2011 version had number 1, but this time it bears Marco’s racing #58 making it more similar to his original helmet and there’s also the Dainese logo (Dainese bought AGV in 2007) on top of the helmet shell, sponsor San Carlo on the chin bar and a small heart in the colors of the Japanese flag that Simoncelli had added in memory of the devasting earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March of 2011.

The full face helmet sells at at 749 euro and also includes a dedicated t-shirt.
For scooter riders AGV is also offering the Bali Copter Special Simoncelli Tribute helmet which features a pilot-style visor with aluminum-finish side plates and leather which sells for a much more modest 149 euro.

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