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Supersonic BMW supports 'Action for A-T'

The British Superbike championship will be kicking off this long Easter weekend at Brands Hatch and debuting Supersonic BMW team run by Danilo Soncini will be personally sponsoring on the fairings of their BMW S1000R the Action for AT foundation for the first two rounds of the season.

Ataxia-Telangiectasia or AT is a rare, progressive and neurodegenerative disease that starts in early childhood and there currently is no cure, but they need money to help support medical research with the aim of trying to find a cure or some medical advancement.

As everyone knows researching rare diseases has never been high-up for big pharmaceutical companies who prefer to do research and development (invest and profit) on drugs for diseases that are more widespread and therefore much more marketable.
“I was working comfortably, but tirelessly in my office on my BSB project, when I came across this website in the English news regarding this little girl affected by this terrible and tremendous disease,” said Danilo Soncini.
“As a father of a daughter the same age, I immediately wanted my racing team to be associated with this foundation and being in the British Superbike championship we will have a great opportunity to sensibilise the public opinion to this terrible disease that has struck a beautiful child who deserves a hope to live.

I therefore decided to trace the family and thanks to the invaluable help of the organizers of the BSB managed to contact the family and explain my idea to raise funds through motorcycle racing.
Soncini also added : “This isn’t the first time I’ve done something like this.
I’m very sensitive to causes regarding children and I believe that this sport is too often seen as a business or a career, I think it is instead primarily an opportunity to form friendships and solidarity.
We started very late with this 2012 project and everything is still running a little late, but by the third race it will be possible to buy clothing designed specifically for this initiative and signed by our rider (the same that our team will be wearing for the first two round of the championship) and all proceeds will be donated to “Action for AT.
For more info on AT and how to donate to Action for A-T, just hit this link.

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