Coronavirus: how to survive a quarantine

Coronavirus: how to survive a quarantine? Both you live alone or with your parents or in a shared flat, the isolation can be a difficult matter.

coronavirus how to survive a quarantine
coronavirus how to survive a quarantine

Coronavirus, how to survive a quarantine? Not easy. Social distancing is the key to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. Some people can feel great about this isolating, some people will feel abandoned. But this is the best way to reduce the number of infected to get higher. So you don’t get bored or don’t know what to do, here is some guidance to survive isolation due to coronavirus.

Coronavirus, how to survive a quarantine: 4 cases

First case: if your quarantine is with a roommate

If you have roommates, some tips from an engineer who spent eight months living in an isolated dome habitat with five other scientists as part of Nasa’s Hi-SEAS program can help. The engineer said, “Talking about a potential conflict early on prevents things from getting worse. Our strategies in the habitat were to be open about our feelings and avoid blame. It can help to carve out private places in the same home so that you can decompress alone if you need to”. You can make team dinner every evening and then set aside any issues and work on their relationships with each other.

Second case: your isolation is with kids

If you isolate with kids, you can use tips from Joshua David Stein, editor of the parenting publication Fatherly. This time you can readjust your rule structure. “Just like how when you take kids on a plane they can watch as much TV as they want – it’s kind of the same, at least for now,” he says. Fatherly has compiled a list of at-home activities for bored kids, the internet abounds with kid-friendly podcasts, museum tours, and educational videos, and Stein notes that it’s a good time to get outside and take advantage of local parks, too. But if the situation is possible.

coronavirus how to survive a quarantine kids

If your kids are worried about grandparents, Stein suggests: without lying, frame it in a way that will assuage their worries as much as possible. Like, ‘Grandma is doing fine, for her safety and our safety, we’re going to rely on FaceTime for now.”

Third case: not-a-honey-moon

What about if you isolate at home with live-in partner? Erin Davidson, a couple and sex therapist, give statement that this time is the right time to know what is going to happen and have time to come up with a game plan.
Chat about what to do in moments where things are stressful – normalize that it’s OK if you get on each other’s nerves, and decide on a signal that means ‘OK, we need to take a moment in separate rooms, or recognize better communication is needed, or perhaps someone needs a hug or to talk about emotions that are coming up.’”

Both partners should comfortable giving each other space. Another way is playing some games that you can play together and make a stronger bond.

Last case: and if you are alone?

But if you are alone at home, you can help people during times of crisis. It’s because it can help you control your own anxiety. It’s like you have a purpose. Another way is sending a message to your neighbor who you don’t know well such as, “how are you?”, “I’m checking my friend”, or “do you need anything“. It’s all you can do even if you feel powerless.


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