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Juliet's balcony for weddings in Verona

We’ve already looked at news on weddings in Verona and getting married at the house of Juliet, but Verona’s council has now taken its initiative a step further.
Apparently the famous Juliet’s balcony will soon be open to weddings and other events.

Having become a place of pilgrimage over the years, we can only imagine that a wedding in Italy on Juliet’s balcony costs plenty.

Apparently, Verona is looking to become a world wedding site, with the aim, in time, of reaching the wedding industry heights of Las Vegas.

Demographics manager with Verona council, Daniele Polato, has said that there is nothing wrong or anti-historic in looking to promote tourism in the city.
A complete package of a Juliet wedding in Verona is being studied costing 800 euros for Italians and 1000 euros, or 1,300 dollars, for foreigners.

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