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Health spas and springs in Italy: Bormio in the Valtellina

There are two destinations for summer in Italy: either the seaside or the mountains, with the latter generally being chosen by anyone over the age of 50.
Escaping the oppressive heat of Milan, many oldies go to the Valtellina valley which stretches north of Lake Como for some fresh mountain air and wonderful views.

If you want to explore the valley, be sure not to miss the spa and thermal springs at Bormio.
Bormio is a skiing location, on more than one occasion hosting the European championships, and is full of hotels, boutique shops and mountain landscape.

The spas or “Bagni di Bormio” are located just outside of town and include both ‘old’ and ‘new’ baths.
The old baths are ancient grottos which provide the natural warm springs for a very rustic, almost prehistoric, sauna and bath.
The new baths have been built with new spas, saunas, fountains and pools and outside you can enjoy a warm splash while taking in the surrounding mountains.
The spa is situated in a grand old hotel and to pamper yourself in August for four nights with bed and breakfast at the Hotel Bagni Vecchi costs about 448 euros a head.

It gives you unlimited access to spa and health centre and a ten percent discount on any beauty or massage treatments you might like to indulge in.
See the Bagni di Bormio site for more details.

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