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Italian outdoor furniture from Ghisa designed by Riccardo Blumer and Matteo Borghi

Italians are known for their gardening culture, and this is the perfect outdoor furniture for someone who doesn’t want to be stuck to the same setting all summer.
The Alias company has inaugurated its first store in Milan with its outdoor collection, amongst which this Ghisa seating system designed by architect Riccardo Blumer and young talent Matteo Borghi stands out.

Frequently used in urban settings from the beginning of the 20th century, this seating is linked in such a way to be flexible.
So you can choose from circular settings, in a row or whatever you fancy for your garden party as the carbon material, with iron hooks allows you some imagination.

Even on an uneven surface, this is the perfect solution as structure under the chairs is a bit like the arm of a crane, using only a few points of rest on the ground.
It’s ergonomic with different seat depths, and the fluctuating shape can be integrated in the garden amongst trees, lights and water features.
Ghisa Gallery

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