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Luxury hotels in Tuscany: the museum-hotel Pietrasanta in Valdicastello

The world we are living in is not a dispensable luxury item, but something we must love and respect.
Even when we choose a hotel we must always bear in mind that simple truth.
Here in Italy for instance there’s a luxurious hotel in Tuscany that Legambiente Turismo (the Italian Environmental league) warmly recommends for its commitment to safeguarding environment.

Located in the small town of Valdicastello (here the great poet Giosuè Carducci was born in 1835), the hotel Pietrasanta, which is an old palazzo built in the 17th century, also hosts a permanent art-exhibition devoted to preparatory sketches by famous Italian artists; after all when it comes to art, the hotel is a real treasure trove: artworks by such great artists as Pietro Manzoni, Mario Schifano, Carlo Accardi, Alighiero Boetti are all on display in its 19 rooms (including the 6 beautiful suites).

The hotel closed during the winter will officially open in April 2009.
By the way, in Italy there are more than 347 environmentally friendly hotels!

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