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Rome to host Musei in Musica event

On Saturday, November 28th the city of Rome will host Musei in musica; a series of free live music events (featuring all genres of music: classical, jazz, pop, hip hop and everything in between) which will take place at the most prestigious museums in Rome; on that very special night people will also have free access to the museums until 24.

The programme includes the following concerts:Danilo Rea (pianist) at the Capitoline museums;Enrico Rava and Gianluca Petrella at the palazzo delle Esposizioni;Concert dedicated to the late Astor Piazzolla at the sala della Protometeca.
The event Musei in musica also features a section devoted to young talents.

Many famous artists such as Dolcenera, Silvia Salemi, Roberto Casalini and Matteo Becucci, X Factor winner, are expected to attend the show.
The nearby towns of Rieti, Viterbo and Frosinone will also take part in the event by hosting a series of free concerts!

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