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The worlds most influential film stars

© Vectorportal (Flickr) Marilyn Monroe Vector Portrait
© Vectorportal (Flickr)

From art culture, to a sense of female identity. Marilyn Monroe has Influenced countless people. The tragic circumstances of her death continue to give Monroe an air of intrigue that is hard to match.

Her iconic status and beauty has made Monroe into an ideal that women still try to emulate, and she is the inspiration for generations of young actresses past and present. She may not have been as influential during her lifetime as she is after her death.

But her iconic status, solidified in art and on the big screen, definitely proves the power of the film star to affect the world we live in through their actions and ambitions alone.

George Clooney Is an academy award winning actor and social activist who has listed on Times 100 most influential people four times from 2006-2009. He is an example of how having a public profile can aid charitable organizations, and in doing so, help thousands of people around the world. He is an accomplished actor and director in his own right. Yet has set upon himself the task of helping those less fortunate and without a voice on the world stage. In doing so has inspired other celebrities, such as Brad Pitt, to join his cause and to take up charitable causes of their own.

To be a celebrity does not necessarily mean you are influential. Whether it be more through chance and lifestyle like Marilyn Monroe. Or through deeds of humanitarianism like George Clooney. The film star has the potential to effect the lives of many people, and for better or for worse, affect society.

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