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Chronology of the coronavirus in the United Kingdom

So far, there are 36 people who have confirmed coronavirus: the timeline of patients who have tested positive for the virus in the UK.

Coronavirus United Kingdom
Chronology of the Coronavirus in the Uk

Right at this time is one month coronavirus spread in UK. Do you want to know the updates and how has the virus spread? Until now, there are 36 people who confirmed of coronavirus.

Chronology of the Coronavirus in the United Kingdom

The number including 12 new patients were diagnosed in England and Scotland reported its first case. Now you can see timeline of patients who have tested positive for the virus in the UK.

January 31

UK has its coronavirus first case.

There were two members of same family who is University of York student and a relative. They took test and positive for the virus. Before land in UK, the traveled from China and were staying at the Stay City apartment-hotel in York when they fell ill. The patients undergo treatment at Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary.

February 6

A third person who diagnosed from this virus in Brighton and transferred to Guy’s and St Thomas’ in London. It later, Steve Walsh who is businessman contracted the virus at a conference in Singapore. On his way back to UK, he stayed several days at a French ski chalet, where five Britons were subsequently infected with the virus.

February 9

A person who is believed to be contact of Mr. Walsh has been diagnosed coronavirus positive.

February 10

On that time, adding for patients in UK who positive for coronavirus. Those infected are all contacts of Mr. Walsh and Public Health England (PHE) confirms two are healthcare workers. The new patients have contracted the virus in France.

February 13

A woman in London become the first confirmed case in the capital who positive for coronavirus. She moved to NHS specialist center at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ for treatment, contracted the virus in China says Chief Medical Officer for England Professor Chris Whitty.

February 23

Four Britons rescued from the Diamond Princess cruise ship test positive for the illness in the UK. Prof. Whitty said the virus was passed on when all four were on board the vessel.

February 27

Northern Ireland first case of Covid-19 bringing the total number to 16 after two people tested positive. Another of the new cases, a parent at a Buxton primary school in Derbyshire, contracted the virus in Tenerife. The third patient also contracted the virus in Italy.

February 28

The coronavirus cases jumps to 20 after Wales reports its first patient and three more are identified in England. Chief Medical Officer for Wales Dr Frank Atherton confirmed that a man had been diagnosed with the virus after traveling back to Wales from Italy. Two of the new cases identified in England had recently traveled back from Iran, Prof. Whitty says.

March 1

After England and Scotland reports its first case, the total number jump to 36.

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