Coronavirus: Sainsburys measures limit panic-buying

Coronavirus: Sainsburys measures limit panic-buying are being introduced to all the stores. The CEO: "Don't panic. But follow these instructions".

coronavirus sainsbury measures
coronavirus sainsbury measures

To deal with Coronavirus, Sainsburys measures about shopping have changed. The company will introduce rationing in a drastic bid to limit panic-buying. Customers can only buy things only two per item. It needs to be done because the customers ignored the food industry’s appeal to shoppers to stop panic buying. They just continue to strip shelves even after supermarkets placed adverts in national newspapers pleading for calm on Sunday, even after the new Government’s instructions.

Chief executive Mike Coupe has outlined the stores’ news measures. First, they will limit the quantity of buying of essential products per person. And then they will give special shopping hours for the elderly and vulnerable.

Coronavirus: Sainsburys measures must be more strict

In details, customers will be able to buy a maximum of three of any grocery product. But it shrinks to two a maximum of two of each of its most popular items including toilet paper, soap, and UHT (long-lasting) milk.
Not only that, but stores will also set aside the first hour in every supermarket for elderly and vulnerable customers. Afterward, stores will be closing its cafes and meat, fish and pizza counters in supermarkets to free up warehouse and lorry capacity for essential products and allow staff to focus on keeping high-demand shelves stocked.

For online orders, customers will be able to do it as usual. They pick it up from a collection point in the store car park. Anyone self-isolating is asked to let Sainsbury’s know to help the supermarket provide the service for them too.

Mr. Coupe wrote, “We still have enough food for everyone – if we all just buy what we need for us and our families.” He continued with a plea for customers to appreciate supermarket workers during trying times. And then he added: “I wanted to end by saying a huge thank you to Sainsbury’s colleagues across the business. Everyone is working flat out in difficult circumstances to do their best to serve our customers. If you’re able to say thank you to them when you see them, I know they would hugely appreciate it.”


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