Social distancing measures will remain for a year after lockdown ends

Government says that social distancig measures will be in place for a year' after lockdown is lifted.

social distancing measures
social distancing measures will be last a year

Based on reports, social distancing measures could be done in the workplace for as long as a year once lockdown is lifted on May 7. It includes offices, shops, schools, and public transports. It because the death rose by 288 on May 4, as the smallest increase since last month. The government is considering relaxing the two-meter distance rule for some businesses as they slowly start to get the economy moving.

Social distancing measures will take place for a year

However, this plan covering seven key sectors of the economy will remain until after winter. The draft Whitehall documents also propose closing office lifts and canteens and putting tape on the floor to mark where people should stand. Extra cleaning should be done in-office spaces and the use of protective equipment should be considered where maintaining a distance of two meters between workers is not possible. Customer-facing employees could be guarded by plastic screens, while continued home working and staggered shifts should also be encouraged. That’s the guidelines.

Other measures include communal facilities like photocopier being limited, as well as hand sanitizers on train platforms and safety guidance for homeworkers, as well as shoppers being urged to buy food alone and taxi drivers using contactless. The proposals by the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) are among a list of guidelines in seven documents drawn up after the consultation with executives, trade bodies and unions.

A Government spokesperson said: “The Business Secretary continues to work with businesses, union leaders and the science and medical community so we can ensure workplaces are safe for those who will go back to work once the measures are relaxed and give people the confidence to return to work.”

The Prime Minister is, however, likely to confirm the “phased” reopening of schools alongside the guidelines he has sent businesses and trade unions for how to make workplaces safe for returning staff. The PM has also said the government is “looking at” relaxing laws restricting supermarket opening hours.

Primary schools in England could be allowed to reopen as soon as June 1 under possible plans being discussed by Prime Minister. Part of the road map is expected to be a “phased” reopening of schools, where some pupils will be sent back first, with others kept at home for longer.


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