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Santa to be allowed to remove face mask, Downing Street says

Santa won't have to wear a mask in his grotto, Downing Street confirmed, although children will have to keep distance.


This Christmas will definitely look different to either grown-ups and children, but good news comes from Downing Street that has decided to allow Santa to wear no mask inside its grotto. Children will therefore be allowed to meet their beloved Father Christmas, although –of-course- all safety precautions will have to be strictly followed.

Santa allowed to remove face mask

The message comes straight from Downing Street after having decided that Santa will not have to wear a mask in grottos this Christmas and children will be excited to hear the news. Boris Johnson said he needed to make clear that rules still have to be followed strictly in order to keep children, parents (and Santa) safe.

Johnson confirmed kids will be able to meet Father Christmas during pandemic and grottos will be allowed to open everywhere in the UK, although children must follow social distancing measures.

Therefore, children will not be allowed to sit on Santa’s knee but will be able to have the experience of seeing him and meeting him, always keeping a distance. A Downing Street spokesman confirmed: “We know that meeting Father Christmas is a magical experience for children which is why he will be taking safety precautions including ensuring that he is operating in a Covid-secure way, but it won’t be required for Santa to wear a mask… It won’t be permitted for children to sit on his knee as part of the guidance.”

Two metre stickers will be placed on floors and there will be plastic screens, added up to all the other coronavirus restrictions. School nativity plays will also be allowed within ‘school bubbles’ but audiences will be permitted to join only in Tiers 1 and 2, while locations under Tier 3 will be advised to attend in live streaming.


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